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The team of Europe Language Jobs

We often meet many men and women who have created or are thinking about creating their own company. Many of them do it because they are driven by intuition; others, on the other hand, are driven by a deep need for independence and creativity. We are in a quite complex historical period but full of opportunities at the same time: having the solution to a real need and the strength to believe all the way in what we are doing is what makes the difference between failure and a successful company.

The story we are about to tell you, through the answers of its main character, shows how the need to solve a problem and the stubbornness in reaching the goal, even in difficult moments, are fundamental when you want to build up your own business.

We had a talk with Carlos Valcárcel Cobo, the founder of Europe Language Jobs (a platform for multilingual job offers), as his story could be that of each of us: starting from our real need, realizing that it is the same thing so many people need, we know and think of a solution that can satisfy that need.
For us and for our friends.

Carlos Valcarcel Cobo, founder of Europe Language Jobs
Carlos Valcarcel Cobo, founder of Europe Language Jobs

Who was Carlos at 18 years of age? Were you already involved in the Marketing and Recruiting Sector?

No, I grew up in Santander and after I finished my High School I moved to Bilbao, at the University of Cantabria to study Marketing and Management. I fell in love with the whole idea of Entrepreneurship and my dream was to run my own company.

The best thing that I did when I was young was the Erasmus. My first Erasmus Project was in Warsaw where I started my MBA. After Poland, I went to Finland to improve my skills as an entrepreneur and I was heavily involved in all the startups and Entrepreneurship groups.

Thanks to these two different experiences, I met my two co-workers and co-founders of Europe Language Jobs. Without these periods in my life maybe Europe Language Jobs would never have been never born.

I’m so grateful to Europe, Erasmus Projects and all the travel experiences that I have had in my life; they have really changed me.

Do you remember the first time that you conceived Europe Language Jobs? How was it? How did you get this idea?

In every place that I have been before, I had a lot of issues finding a new job and it was the same for my friends. It was really complicated to find a new job when I moved to Poland and Finland because all the companies where looking for candidates just in their native language.

I spoke English and Spanish but it wasn’t enough and I felt so frustrated about that because it was impossible to continue living in amazing countries like Poland and Finland for more than 6 months and to have my first international work experience.

So my idea was very simple: resolve this problem and create a job board where it would have been possible for all young, European jobseekers who wanted to move abroad to find a job.

If you think about Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Translation, Copywriter you can understand that it’s a huge and also exciting market.

We decided to start in the first months of 2014 in Barcelona and before Europe Language Jobs, I never had any kind of experience in the Recruitment & HR sector.

What was Europe Language Jobs like when you founded 4 years ago?

Now all the companies and young people can see a great company based in Barcelona, with more than 60 employees from different countries, 300.000 candidates inside the platform, 30.000 job offers published just in 2017 and 3 million monthly visitors to our web site, but believe me if I say the first 2 years it was really difficult.

We didn’t earn anything in the early stage as a Startup and for a long time, we were very close to closing.

In 2016, we had an incredible success as a job board and all our marketing concepts paid off. We’ve divided the company into 2 sectors, IT and Marketing, with just one mission: Help all the jobseekers with great guides and content with our Marketing Department and find more partnerships with the most important European Companies with our IT System affiliation.

Our success was and it still is our idea to help the next person, to take care of their needs and aspirations. Without all the content that we produce every day maybe we would have been just a normal job board with different numbers.

What will the future of Europe Language Jobs be?

 We have high hopes for the coming years of Europe Language Jobs. This year we expect to hire another 10 new people for both sales and marketing so we can keep growing in both departments. We see that the mulltilingual job market is still far from being fully developed and there are still many possibilities for our job board.

We want to move fast to ocupy this space and give a wider range of opportunities to our users each time.

We are going through an exciting time with lots of changes and I believe that having a flexible mindset with a concrete goal is our biggest asset.

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